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Film Festivals To Which I'm Not Going

So not only am I not in Austin to catch the films of SXSW (I don't care how many people keep saying it's already jumped the shark, I'd like to make it there at least once in the near future), I had to cancel my annual short vacation to the Cleveland International Film Festival. I had to cancel first because of unforeseen, insanely expensive car repairs, but it turns out I wouldn't have been able to make it anyway because of the blizzard with which Mother Nature decided to bless us on the same weekend. I thought I would try to make up for it by heading to the Wexner Center for their Out @ Wex Festival, but aforementioned blizzard preempted that as well.

Anyway, here's the word about other independent film festivals taking place soon in the area:

Plus, the CIFF goes on until next Sunday, so check out what films are screening over at their website.



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