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Dave Grohl for President

A Foo Fighter in the White House?

I want to present a different kind of change, though. I want to change change. If you continue to change change then it truly becomes change whether it’s technology, society, the economy, or the spreading of democracy. I want to be the president that takes change and changes it over and over again.

How about presidental pardons?

Well, Foxy Brown has been in the clink for a while now. I know she has a temper, but come on! And what about Boy George? Is he still doing community service?

On Dennis Kucinich's wife:

In my America—the America that I can help create—somebody who looks like Angie Everhart can date or marry a politician who looks like Tattoo without a second thought.

A good role model for girls?

Natalie Portman. She’s obviously an incredibly gifted actor, a beautiful woman who decided to focus on her mind rather than the superficial world of pop culture. I hope that my daughter does the same thing because I know that a lot of girls—young girls—have this new idea of celebrity that’s been presented to them by people like Paris Hilton or Britney.

I'm sold. Bring on the Grohl Administration.



Jan · 23 March, 07:03 PM · #

Hell yeah!
(non-american, pro-Grohl :)

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