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Yahoo! Shine

Hey, did you know that, starting today, women can use Yahoo!, too? Now there's a nice little portal/blog/magazine called Shine with female-centric topics like horoscopes, and parenting. Fear not the wild web anymore, ladies - now, it's Yahoo!-approved.

Okay, so it's not that bad. It's a hell of a lot better than the also recently-launched WOWOWOW, but it's also pretty easy to beat a website for women that displays the weather in terms of its effect on one's hair. But - where's the tech news? Astrology gets its own section, but nothing for world news, politics, or science? Is this really an accurate representation of women and the full spectrum of their interests?

The biggest problem, for me, with sites like Shine is that they're targeted towards women who are non- or casual web users, while the females already regularly on the web - who don't need entertainment news, or any news, spoon-fed to them - are overlooked. We need more involved methods of gathering and sharing information - like Digg ... except what we end up with is Sk*rt.

Update: I just noticed my new favorite female tech blogger also mourned the missed opportunity of Shine.



Bryce · 1 April, 05:01 PM · #

Yeah, I watched this one coming, to some degree. It definitely suffers from the ‘Pink Ghetto’ problem… sigh.

Cyndy Aleo-Carreira · 3 April, 08:26 AM · #

blush Thank you for the compliment!

I do think there are opportunities for sites geared toward women. I, for one, get very tired of the male swagger and bitchmemes and think we could all benefit from some type of portal or aggregator that eliminated the possession of the phallus. Unfortunately, we are consistently told to get back into the kitchen with sites like Shine. I have no intention of EVER starting to cook regularly. That’s my husband’s job. ;)

Jen · 5 April, 06:05 PM · #

Haha – Cyndy, my partner is also a better cook than I am. Although he still leaves me to clean up :)

I also think there’s room for women-centered sites, we just haven’t got it right it. Hopefully, it will come in time.

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