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Feminism 3.0

There are some things I could nitpick at in Julia Barry's recent piece from AlterNet, "Feminism 3.0: Women and Media", but instead I'll appreciate it for what I believe it's intended to be: a sincere plea for women and their allies to work together instead of fighting one another. I also appreciate that, unlike other articles one might read about The State of the World Today, Barry ends with a list of positive actions to take and links to read. This might not satisfy a feminist already well-acquainted with the nuanced problems of being a "feminist" in the media industry, but it's a nice introduction for those who are learning about it.



Julia Barry · 15 April, 03:46 PM · #

Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments! The article was absolutely meant to stir up collaboration and conversation (rather than being an in-depth piece as you pointed out), so I’m glad you felt inspired to respond :)

Keep me updated about your projects and feminist musings!


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