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Deliberatepixel / The Art of the Craigslist Missed Connection

The Art of the Craigslist Missed Connection

Admit it - secretly, you dream about browsing your local Craigslist Missed Connection page and seeing a description of you. Well, one kind soul in Columbus has decided to give you your wish:

cafe girl, you're so hot - m4w (your cafe) saw you at the cafe once or twice. youre incredibly cute. i thought you might have thought something along the same line. i had on clothes and so did you, but you looked way better. (link)

You know, I was in a cafe the other day, and I had on clothes. I bet this is totally me.

(In a side note, C-bus, you've seriously been letting me down in the Craigslist category lately. I haven't been able to compile a Best of Columbus Craigslist for a while now. Are all the crazies hibernating or something? Come on out now, it's spring! Do your civic duty and give me some blog fodder.)



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