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Deliberatepixel / The Weekly for 11 April

The Weekly for 11 April

  • Is designing better on a Mac or PC? Designers, for a good reason, usually gravitate towards pretty Macs. But, in the end, it's just a tool, and it only works as well as you make it work. If a PC suits you, run with it. (Via David Airey.)
  • Why dyslexics are good computer programmers. I'm not dyslexic (or a good computer programmer - maybe there's a connection?), but as someone interested in both language and computers, this is fascinating.
  • A group of leading skeptics are putting together a TV pilot a la Mythbusters: The Skeptologists!
  • Girl Power? A retrospective, feminist look at the Spice Girls.
  • Since I mentioned Kim Peirce's new Iraq War film Stop/Loss, here's the Women and Hollywood blog's take on it. (Word on the internets is that the film's not that great.)
  • A statistical analysis of Star Trek red-shirt deaths. This might be the geekiest thing I've ever seen. And that covers a lot of ground.



Brandice · 11 April, 10:59 AM · #

It disgusts me beyond words that one must provide hot alien women to the likes of William Shatner in order to increase likelihood of survival in a red shirt. Gads.

Jen · 11 April, 04:19 PM · #

Not William Shatner, James T. Kirk! You aren’t possibly suggesting Kirk ISN’T real? ;)

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