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Deliberatepixel / Explaining Away Women Geeks

Explaining Away Women Geeks

Via my fellow Skepchick Amanda last week, I found this fantastic post from Thus Spake Zuska about the way gender stereotypes are exploited in the press and her handy checklist to those wishing to write about her or other female geeks:

- Are you planning on describing me as (A) not what you'd expect, (B) surprisingly pretty, (C) a rarity, or (D) all of the above?
- Will you be emphasizing my Womanly Attributes? (A) Yes, (B) Yes, in detail, or (C) Yes, in detail, with references to giggles and cupcakes.
- Will you also explain how technology has unsexed me? (A) Yes, (B) Yes, while simultaneously infantilizing you, you "geeky super-normal enthusiastic girl"!
- Are you planning to include intimations that I slept my way to the top? (A) Yes, (B) No, just an attribution of your success to Powerful Male Associates. Who you probably slept with.
- Will you end by asking when I'm going to give up all these crazy ideas and go back to full-time Womanhood? (A) Yes, (B) Yes, because you scare the boys.

Warning - there's a particularly nasty troll in the comments, but the other commenters, male and female alike, make short work of him.



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