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Deliberatepixel / Monitor Mix: Muxtape and the Misfits

Monitor Mix: Muxtape and the Misfits

The wonderful Carrie Brownstein has posted an April Muxtape at her equally wonderful blog Monitor Mix, as well as a reminiscence of Danzig:

A friend of mine drove me by Glenn Danzig's house in Los Angeles the last time I was there. I felt like a kid on Halloween, scared of possible hauntings or unwelcome surprises. I don't know if it was the build-up to the drive-by, the Misfit's lyrics I had going through my head, or the house itself, but I was frightened. Only later did I think how there is no other person in music who I might be scared to meet. Yet this person's name is Glenn.

I admit to the same strange fear, although I never got that close. To add my own nonsensical anecdote, however, I did once meet other original Misfit Jerry Only, who wrote his name on me. (On my arm, by the way. I was a classy groupie, thank you very much.) He gave me a bear hug. Verdict: not scary.



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