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My Plan Is Working Perfectly ...

mac girl

I'm too busy to post an actual article right now, so here's my daughter trying to bring up her They Might Be Giants video podcasts on my notebook. I think there plenty of evidence in that last sentence to prove I'm successfully raising a major girl geek.



Jan · 19 April, 11:51 AM · #

Also: Cute!

Jen · 19 April, 11:57 AM · #

Unfortunately I can’t claim any credit for the cuteness, since she’s the spitting image of her father. :)

Brandice · 21 April, 11:54 AM · #

Not true! I see a lot of you in her. :)

Jen · 21 April, 12:45 PM · #

Well, I’m told that while her face is very much her father’s, her expressions and personality are more like mine. So there’s, that, I guess. I’m okay with it either way.

alex rojas · 12 August, 09:34 PM · #

Jajajaja, that’s really great!!

I’m from Chile, and my daughter is also a mac fan and user. She use to play with the macs at home any time she can


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