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Major News, You Guys ...

Bea Arthur is to be inducted into the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame!

She's become a bit of a campy icon, but, seriously, she portrayed one of the first vocal feminists on television as Maude (Dorothy Zbornak wasn't any slouch in that department, either), and deserves all the credit for that she can get.

(Hat tip: Women and Hollywood.)



beth · 18 April, 01:24 PM · #

Did you see Bea Arthur a few years ago when she came to Columbus?! I didn’t and I’ve been regretting it ever since :(

Jen · 18 April, 02:36 PM · #

No, I didn’t, and regret it as well. One of my best friends caught her show at one point, though, and still tells rapturous stories about it :)

Brandice · 21 April, 11:57 AM · #

I love Bea Arthur. I still love Golden Girls… I think I fall more in love with it everytime I’m up late enough to catch it on Lifetime… :)

I’ve never seen her as Maude (never saw that show), but I’ve seen enough to know that she’s genuinely rocksome lady.

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