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Deliberatepixel / 'We're going to have an expedition of our own!'

'We're going to have an expedition of our own!'

Fifty years ago three English housewives set off on a remarkable adventure. Anne Davies, 35, Eve Sims, 25, and Antonia Deacock, 26, who had no previous experience of overland expeditions, embarked on a journey everyone said could not be done by women: a 16,000-mile drive to India and back, and a 300-mile trek on foot into Zanskar, the remote Tibetan Buddhist kingdom.

The housewife explorers who climbed the Himalayas.



kate t deacock · 15 November, 08:49 AM · #

Im the proud daughter of Antonia Deacock – pleasantly surprised to stumble upon your blog entry whilst googling for something entirely different! have you seen the little Ovaltine film of their adventure? Digitally remastered from the original!

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