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Personal Anecdote (Non-Parents May Want To Skip)

The one thing I was never very excited about doing as a parent was potty training, but, like other perks of parenthood (like being up in the middle of the night to take care of nosebleeds in the nose of one who will not sit still, the joy of which I was reminded last night), it must be done.

Little One ® used to be excited about the potty, but now, for no apparent reason, she has started to refuse to use it. I asked her why this morning, and she said, very decidedly, "Because the potty's not fun."

I'm perplexed as to how I should respond to this. I have a hard time stating with a straight face that the potty is indeed fun, and yet clearly I have to say something. At the time, I gave her to standard line about being a big girl - which has worked in the past, but now seems useless.

This led me to doing some research on potty training videos and books, all of which are so enthusiastic about the potty process that they disturb me a bit - but I guess that is what we need to counteract the prevailing opinion that the potty isn't "fun." If any other parents have suggestions, please do forward them.



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