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Saturday Morning Podcast - The Flop House

Back in the day, one of my favorite Saturday morning traditions was watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 on the SciFi Channel. Now, I've found a another one in that same vein of backhanded bad movie appreciation - The Flop House podcast.

Like many others, I stumbled on this podcast a couple of weeks ago thanks to Gawker, and its hilarious (possibly drunken) discussion about recent film flops made it an instant favorite. Yeah, the sound quality on the first handful of episodes suck, but not only have the hosts cleared that up in the newer episodes, it's worth dealing with for their commentary. The drubbing they give the Bratz movie is priceless.

You have to be a certain type of movie fanatic to truly, truly find enjoyment in bad movies, but if you are, you'll love this. My only suggestion, guys? Bring in a female perspective now and again. No one can tear apart Jessica Alba's dubious talents like a sarcastic woman can.



Dan McCoy · 15 July, 05:02 PM · #

Thanks for mentioning us, and for the kind words (I made my way here after noticing that some folks had gotten to us through your Twitter).

I can speak for my co-hosts, but as de facto producer, I’ve definitely wanted to bring in more women as guest hosts (although now that Elliott is pretty much our standard 3rd host, there are fewer opportunities for guests). The problem is that I’m mainly drawing from my group of NYC comedy friends, and women are often a little underrepresented (and let me be clear: I’m not suggesting women aren’t funny — this isn’t some crazy Christopher Hitchens/ Jerry Lewis rant — just that I don’t personally know as many women in that insular world).

I did used to co-write a stage show for a very funny woman who then went and disqualified herself from being a podcast guest by getting a paid comedy job that keeps her busy constantly. This is what happens when your friends are more successful than you.

But I’ll run down the list next time we need a guest host. And consider this your standing invitation to sit in, if you ever happen to be in New York.

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