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Deliberatepixel / Cory Doctorow's Little Brother

Cory Doctorow's Little Brother

... is really good.

Of course, I expected I would think that even before I read the book. Not only am I rabidly anti-authoritarian and passionate about freedom of information and copyright reform, but I also love young adult novels. I'd be sold on this book even if it weren't written as well or didn't have as engaging a story as it does. Since it does, though, that makes this teenage Orwell 2.0 even more fun.

You can get a free electronic copy in various formats at Doctorow's site, and if you feel you'd like to pay forward the favor of a free ebook, you can donate a paper copy to a librarian or teacher who needs one.

Another note on young adult books in general: a few weeks ago, Doctorow said, simply that they were "a parallel universe of little-regarded awesomeness." John Scalzi also pointed this out. I'm glad the two of them, who have extensive audiences listening, are saying this - but to those of us who technically classify as adults and still unabashedly read YA novels, it's no surprise. I long ago realized that there is more creativity and originality in the novels being published for teens than there is in the current mainstream fiction offerings for adults. If Little Brother doesn't do it for you, try some Cecil Castellucci on for size.



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