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Saturday Morning Podcast: The Rissington Podcast

Until recently, no "instructional" podcasts had ever caught my fancy. Probably because I even if I'm looking for solid information, as opposed to pure entertainment, I like it to come with quite a bit of snark. Happily, designers John Oxton and Jon Hicks have solved that problem for me when it comes to web design podcasts with The Rissington Podcast. Very funny, very informative, very useful. And it's another platform for Hicks' insistence that Textpattern is the best CMS for design purposes - an opinion I am behind one hundred percent.



Angelo Mandato · 17 May, 07:30 PM · #

Thanks for the podcast, this is the kind of stuff I like to listen to on web design.

As CMS’s go, have you tried CMS Made Simple? It’s easy to skin, uses Smarty templates.

Jen · 20 May, 09:41 AM · #

I haven’t used that CMS before, Angelo – I’ve been working with TXP so long that I’m very comfortable with it, and it has great flexibility for designers. But I do like to keep up on others, so thanks for the tip :)

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