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Deliberatepixel / June Scientae Carnival - Call for Submissions

June Scientae Carnival - Call for Submissions

Thus Spake Zuska has the June Scientae call for submissions:

The new topic is: Added Weight. "Huh?" I hear you saying. I've been thinking lately about how our culture encourages women to be excessively preoccupied with their weight. Taking up space in the world is a Bad Thing for women to do. We waste a lot of energy and time worrying about whether or not we are taking up too much space. A friend of mine sometimes lectures on this subject. She asks her students to consider the way women usually sit (legs together or crossed) and then the way that men usually sit (legs sprawled out and spread). She demonstrates each pose. Typically the students laugh, nervously or otherwise, when they see her demonstrate the male pose. She then asks them to consider that response: why are we made uncomfortable or nervous by a woman sitting that way? What is it about women taking up space?



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