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Webmonkey Is Back

Back when I didn't know a div tag from a price tag, Webmonkey was one of the main resources I used to learn HTML and other aspects of web development. It has languished in more recent years, like its previous owner, Lycos (remember them?) - but now, under the Wired name, it's back with a shiny new layout and wiki format. It still has all the basics of learning web development, plus new tutorials on blogging, multimedia, and APIs. It brought a smile to my face to see it back up and running.



Joe · 20 May, 12:11 PM · #

That’s pretty cool. That used to be a go to resource for me too. It’ll be nice if it turns into a one stop resource for everything web related again.

Cyndy Aleo-Carreira · 21 May, 12:52 AM · #

I wonder if that shows our age? I learned everything I knew (which looking at The Wayback Machine wasn’t nearly enough!) about creating web sites from Webmonkey. It’s like having an old friend return.

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