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Oh, Here We Go - The Women

I've been complaining about the forthcoming remake of 1939's The Women for quite some time, even before it was given a definite release date. That's some dedicated whining. And now that the remake is scheduled to be unleashed upon us this September, I can take my whining to a whole new wonderful level.

The trailer looks awful. It has none of the charm and wit of the original, and all the cliches (gossip, shopping, babies) we've come to expect from "women's" movies. But there's a reason this is being talked about this week - before the success of that one movie with a bunch of chicks in it (after being completely energy-drained by SATC's recent media saturation, I'm going to take a cue from Allison Willmore at the IFC Blog and begin referring to it as "Intercourse and the Municipality" or perhaps The Movie Which Shall Not Be Named), the mainstream appeal of these type of movies wasn't as big of an issue. Now, it is, even if the particular movies in question aren't very good. Which is where the problem comes in for me. It's basically what I said when talking about SATC earlier: women deserve better movies that these.

As a consolation, enjoy some of the best lines from the original Women:



Godless Sunday · 6 June, 05:59 AM · #

Laughing with tears right now. I have never seem this gem of a film and I LOVED everything I just saw. Why don’t they make em’ like that anymore?

Katie · 6 June, 07:09 AM · #

“Intercourse and the Municipality” – AHAHAHAHHAA! I hated that show.

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