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The Weekly for 13 June



Brandice · 17 June, 03:08 PM · #

This might be a strange question, or more a question that has had different answers at different times in your life, but right now do you consider yourself a single mom?

Does there have to be marriage for a motherhood to be non-single? Your daughter’s father lives with you and is referred to (the last I remember hearing) as your boyfriend, so there’s a romantic connection there… a relationship that involves living together and both of your caring for your child together.

I’m just curious about what you see yourself as at this point in your life in terms of single mother or simply mother or something else entirely or something that doesn’t have a label.

The link to the motherhood article spurred my curiosity.

Jen · 18 June, 06:39 AM · #

I am not a single mother, and haven’t been for quite some time. No secret there. But I very strongly believe that marriage is NOT the only answer two people who have had a child can come up with. We have a strong, whole, happy family just as we are. I have a lot of sympathy and understanding for non-traditional families, and I think a society should as well.

Brandice · 22 June, 11:26 PM · #

Yeah, I’m with you there, and that concept doesn’t just apply to couples with children either. I have two close friends who have been together for ten years and will never get married because they don’t believe it’s right for them for many reasons. They sit down once a year and make another commitment for another year, and I think that’s fantastic. Marriage certainly isn’t the only option for anyone, really. I completely agree with that.

My own marriage was a personal choice, and even if Jim and I had had children, we certainly wouldn’t have gotten married simply due to children being involved.

Unfortunately, society (and our government) makes it opinion clear, because couples who don’t get married are deprived of certain financial and legal advantages, and I wholeheartedly believe that that should change.

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