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How I Know I'm Officially Old Now

Yesterday at a fast-food restaurant with my daughter, I told a group of obnoxiously loud high-schoolers they should watch their language and their bragging about sexual exploits because it was noon on a Sunday and there were children all over the place. I would also like to take this opportunity to invite everyone to get the hell off my lawn. Thank you.



Oskar Kennedy · 22 September, 01:07 PM · #

rushes to turn the music down

Jen · 22 September, 06:16 PM · #

You call that music? You kids today, with your Jonas Brothers and your Hansons and your god knows what.

robert · 23 September, 03:09 PM · #

Did they respond with something about bein a grandma or did they actually shut the bleep up?

Kelly · 24 September, 05:25 AM · #

Ha! I had the same experience recently, and I’m 27! Hell, at 21 when I was teaching senior English, I caught myself sounding like my mother more and more every day!

Jen · 24 September, 05:27 AM · #

They actually shut up. They were just kind of clueless kids, not bad.

Kelly, I’m 27 too :) I’m looking forward to a long span of telling people even slightly younger than me to shape up.

Oskar Kennedy · 24 September, 04:57 PM · #

I’ll be 33 in October, and I couldn’t pick a Jonas Brother from a lineup. And that pleases me.

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