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Deliberatepixel / The Weekly for 21 November

The Weekly for 21 November



JRice · 21 November, 02:50 PM · #

I really did like (most of) those film posters. Some were superb.

…The circumcision thing (well, the /comments/, really) were rather depressing. There was one comment in there that said (roughly) “this is an activism topic, and thus brings out the worst of the internet”. …A good point.

Makes me wonder how much of an activist I am on certain topics. :\

Brinstar · 21 November, 10:46 PM · #

Thanks for posting that last link on FGM. I hadn’t come across that post.

Jen · 22 November, 08:17 AM · #

Yes, I really liked that FGM piece. The thing that killed me about most of the comments is that really none addressed what I thought was the crucial point of the article: “Male circ is not a method of controlling males and their sexuality. In nearly every culture that has ever existed (and one might argue that this is even more true of cultures that circumcise), males are dominant. FGM is always—-always—-a method of controlling women and their sexuality.”

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