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Saturday Morning Podcast: Reduced Shakespeare Company

Reduced Shakespeare Company

If you're going to comment on the fact this ostensibly "Saturday Morning Podcast" post is appearing on a Monday, then congratulations. It was a test, and you passed. All of your mental faculties are operating as well as can be hoped, and you are now cleared to continue your Monday as scheduled.

If you still think it's Saturday, even greater congratulations. I wish I were you.

Anyway, this post involves some insight into my character and my past. Back in my high school days, I was idly browsing bookstore shelves (my most natural state, then and now), and I came across a slim volume called The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged). The title was enough to engage my love of irony, plus there were some picture inserts featuring three guys in floppy Shakespearean garb and Converse sneakers. I'm easily amused. I bought it without much more consideration.

This book in fact was the published script of the Reduced Shakespeare Company's comedic stage show, a modern-day vaudeville presentation of Shakespeare's plays as re-imagined by the Marx Brothers-like RSC. In the 20+ years of the company's existence, I still haven't seen the live show - only the DVD recording - but they've expanded their "instructive" repertoire to include the Bible, the complete history of America, great books of the world, and Hollywood. But I just recently, very belatedly, discovered that for the past couple of years, they've also been producing a very excellent podcast full of past and present tour stories, theater and book talk, and random bits of absurdity. This is one of those podcasts where you want to hit the "Get All" button and spend some time going through the archives, because every episode is worth listening to.

And check out the published script of The Complete Works. The footnotes alone are fantastic.

A sample of RSC brilliance in video form:



nick · 25 November, 10:51 AM · #

Yeahhhhh the Saturday Morning podcast is back!!!!
Yeahhh I didn’t still think it was saturday…!

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