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I no longer like having blog posts that contain only a video or quote or single link around here, and although I've recently been distributing these types of items via my Twitter account, I think it's best I start moving the bits and pieces to Tumblr. I may find a way to feed my Tumblings into this blog, but since I'm slowly, painstakingly (no, not really painstakingly - just slowly) working on the design refresh of DP, I haven't determined the details yet. In the meantime, you can visit my Tumblr for random asides aplenty.

I love Tumblr, by the way. I've used it for a while to power my Alice in Wonderland online scrapbook, That's Logic, and recently threw myself into learning about developing custom Tumblr themes for a freelance client. So I whipped together a custom theme on a brand-new Tumblr for myself. The service is beautifully designed, and even though more and more features are always being added, I like its essential simplicity.

So, that's my unpaid advertisement for Tumblr. Tumblr: it's like Twitter, except with different letters between the "T" and the "r." Check it out.



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