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Ada Lovelace Day

I’ve mainly stayed away from the discussion of gender issues in technology. I didn’t think that I had any real expertise to share. But over the last six months, after many conversations, it has become clear that many of my female friends in tech really do feel disempowered. They feel invisible, lacking in confidence, and unsure how to compete for attention with the men around them.

- Suw Charman-Anderson

Blogger Suw Charman-Anderson has just begun a tradition: Ada Lovelace Day, a day - March 24 - where bloggers write about an inspirational woman in technology. She hoped to get 600 people to pledge to participate, but after the story hit BoingBoing yesterday, 600 was achieved pretty quickly and now the goal is 1000.

Sign my pledge at PledgeBank

I was going to donate one of my Ada t-shirts to certain pledge numbers, but since it looks like the pledge doesn't really need the incentive anymore, I'm going to offer it to my readers instead. Pledge to participate in Ada Lovelace Day and let me know about it by leaving a comment on this post, pinging me on Twitter or sending me an email. I'll randomly pick one from the responses and send her or him a free Ada Lovelace t-shirt.



Brinstar · 9 January, 05:11 AM · #

I signed up! Thanks for posting about this!

Kate · 24 March, 11:28 AM · #

I was part of the pledge and followed through :D

Kaylia · 24 March, 11:33 AM · #

I signed up as well, Thanks for the link!

Nicole · 24 March, 10:55 PM · #

Done and done. Thanks!

magista · 25 March, 12:55 PM · #

Done, and done!

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