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Deliberatepixel / A Cold Pittsburgh Skepchick Interview

A Cold Pittsburgh Skepchick Interview

A couple of weeks back, I hit Pittsburgh to meet up with fellow Skepchicks Maria and Elyse, along with atheist activist and vlogger Ashley, whom I brought along with me from Columbus, and a whole bunch of great Steel City skeptics, including Laura (who so awesomely made most of the arrangements for us). It was a really, really good time and despite the fact the bar closed at midnight (seriously, Pittsburgh, WTF), I met some great people and had some great discussion. Ashley also interviewed Maria, Elyse, Laura and me about skeptic activism on a very, very cold street outside the bar, and here it is, in all of its tipsy, profane glory:

It's been about a year, I think, since I started writing for Skepchick, thus introducing me to the larger skeptic community and leading me to work on reviving Central Ohioans for Rational Inquiry. Now, in Columbus, we not only have a flourishing skeptic group that meets regularly and the foundation laid for further community involvement, but a SkeptiCamp unconference that's already attracting a ton of people from across Ohio and out of state.

I keep hearing over and over again from people I meet in this line of activism that they were waiting for someone to organize something, so that they could connect with like-minded people. Here's my advice: don't wait. Start a reading group at your local library, create a Drinking Skeptically at the neighborhood bar, find or begin a group, or organize a speaking event with a local professor or doctor. (Like Maria says in the video above, we're happy to add any new group events to the Skepchick calendar, which reaches thousands of people across the US). Start a blog, make a video, record a podcast. Skeptic activism in this day and age is ridiculously easy - and there's already a wide-reaching network out there who are friendly, fun and willing to help anyone who wants to learn more. As the US enters a new governmental era, whatever your political leanings, it's been made clear that scientific education and rational thought is coming back in a big way. It's a perfect time to be a skeptic.



Sam Ogden · 27 January, 11:42 AM · #

What a bunch of hams!

Looks like you all had a great time.

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