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Deliberatepixel / The Best of Columbus Craigslist, Vol V

The Best of Columbus Craigslist, Vol V

Congratulations, Columbus. You finally accumulated enough internet weirdness for me to compile a new edition of Best of Columbus Craigslist.

Seeking fanfiction writer Seeking fanfiction writer for the one tree hill category.

The basic plot of the story is that Nathan ‘lives it up’ with his father, but suffers inside due to physical abuse from his father. When he’s finally rescued [will happen in the first 2-3 chapters] he has to recover from it. Story will focus on recovery. I’ve got more of a plot formed in my brain, but need someone to help write it. You will be credited fully for your work.

All writers should be familiar with the category One Tree Hill and Season One

Writer will be expected to publish 15-20 chapters around 1,000 words each. I will act as a beta for you but you MUST write in past tense and have good grammar. Writers should be in the 15+. Abuse will not be graphic in nature.

Pay for this story will only be fanfiction reviews (and I’ll act as a reference--) but COULD lead to future, paid work.

Please email any questions to the email above or if you’d like to accept the job email me your info to the job above. link

I'm glad no one ever told thirteen-year-old me you could get paid for fanfiction. It would have led me down a dark path. Beyond that, however, I have so many questions about this. Do you really need a reference for fanfiction reviews? Why is it necessary to have a "beta?" And what the hell is One Tree Hill?

roofer / daredevil need someone to go up on a SLATE roof to replace a rubber boot. wont take more than a few minutes i cust dont know how to get up on the SLATE roof wothout breaking it link

Something about this just does not sound like a good idea, even by Craigslist standards.

Need drunken tales I am compling a book with stories of drunken wildness and shenanigans. I would like to get stories from as many people as possible and once I get enough I will pick the best and they will be placed in my book. Please send me your craziest story of something that happened while you were intoxicated. Also be sure to include how you would like your name to appear in the book credits. link

So, this one time, I got really drunk, and thought it would be the best idea ever to make a book about random people's drunken adventures, even if they couldn't really remember them, which, if they were really drunk, they probably couldn't. It was awesome, man.

Zen Warrior seeks worthy sparring partner I seek a very attractive women in hopes of never meeting in this world But to reach across the void to ponder those things mere mortals have yet to consider. I left all at 17 to seek truth and look to share this journey on a pure mental level ( as in e-mail) with one so inspired. Why a hottie then? Hell, thats simple you put the physical attraction thru the channel of mind focused thru heart. Laser, its focused light. Focus the mind and penetrate the void. link

... Right.



Oskar Kennedy · 24 February, 03:36 PM · #

<b>Need drunken tales</b> sounds like somebody who hasn’t thought very deeply about the privacy and intellectual property issues of that project.

Benjamin C · 24 February, 11:47 PM · #

Its called a Laser, Its focused Light. I looked it up.

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