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Deliberatepixel / Deliberatepixel v5

Deliberatepixel v5

I finally got tired of working on a new site design, so we're calling this version 5. If you're getting this via RSS, you might want to hop over to the site and check it out. There will be a couple more tweaks over the next day or so, but that's all. Not much has changed content-wise, although I plan to, you know, actually write more now that the redesign is done. As always, comments and suggestions (on the design, as well as possible future posts) welcome.



Oskar Kennedy · 9 June, 11:11 AM · #

I like the new design. The frame around the content is particularly eye-pleasing. With the old design, I sometimes felt like I was falling off the edge into an endless field of white. Or maybe that was the drugs.

Jen · 9 June, 11:13 AM · #

I think it was the drugs. Whether it was yours or mine, though, is probably still a mystery.

robert · 9 June, 01:15 PM · #

This really is very pleasing to the eye, some minor adjustments need to be made but I like what I see.

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