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Deliberatepixel / Joining the Wexner Center Team

Joining the Wexner Center Team

Wexner Center

After an odd summer of bouncing around, professionally speaking, I somehow managed to land a pretty fantastic job. As of September 1, I will be the new web editor at the Wexner Center for the Arts. I'm excited about this - not only does it combine a little bit of everything I like to do with the web, it's at the Wexner Center, which means I'll get to help promote some of the best film, music and visual and performing art happening in Columbus. Look for more on all that popping up here periodically.



Beth · 27 August, 02:27 PM · #

This is such a perfect fit for you!

K.O. Myers · 27 August, 02:29 PM · #

Super-duper congratulations! That sounds like a great place for you.

Ryan · 27 August, 02:45 PM · #


Jeni Gray · 27 August, 04:39 PM · #

How exciting! That is a perfect fit for you! Congrats!

Jen · 27 August, 10:32 PM · #

Thanks, everyone! :)

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