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Five Minutes, Mr. Welles

Five Minutes Mr. Welles

For years now I've been searching for a print of this rumored short film written and directed by Vincent D'Onofrio about the conception of Orson Welles's most famous line in the film The Third Man. It only screened on the festival circuit and wasn't available on DVD, so I had resigned myself to having missed this one for good. This morning, however, I finally stumbled across it online:

Like Welles' entrance in The Third Man itself, I can't say the anticipation doesn't justify the wait. It's a lovely little film, and it perfectly captures the Welles mythology. D'Onofrio is not only a fine actor, but gets Welles - and just happens to look eerily like him as well.

For reference, here's the legendary Third Man scene Five Minutes precedes:

Where Five Minutes is ostensibly the story behind Third Man, the tale of the short film's inspiration reportedly comes from D'Onofrio's portrayal of Welles in Tim Burton's Ed Wood. While the physical resemblance is unmistakable, Burton decided to replace D'Onofrio's voice with the performance of Maurice LaMarche, who is known for his Orson-like vocalization of the Brain from the cartoon Pinky and the Brain. D'Onofrio then decided to give the Welles voice, and portrayal, another shot in his own film.

The Ed Wood scene featuring D'Onofrio:

Just to carry this whole saga one step further, here's my other favorite film inspired by The Third Mouse, starring the Brain himself, The Third Mouse:



Betsy · 25 October, 10:02 AM · #

I’m so pumped you found this video online! I’d totally forgotten about it.

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