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Deliberatepixel / The Best of Columbus (and Ohio) Craigslist, Vol VI

The Best of Columbus (and Ohio) Craigslist, Vol VI

Sorry, Columbus - you haven't been bringing the crazy lately, so I've had to branch out to other Ohio cities' Craigslist boards. Consider this a challenge.

TONS of stickers wanted to cover my ENTIRE CAR I am searching for tons of random stickers to cover the exterior of my entire car with. I know I will not be able to obtain enough from one source, and so I have begun collecting them, lots at a time. If you for some reason have a big box of stickers just setting around, let me know! I'll take them off of your hands!! However, I do not want tiny stickers. Medium to Large sized is what I'm looking for (like typical bumper sticker sized or larger stickers). Also I do not want a bunch of redundant stickers, such as the kind on rolls, etc. Thanks! [link]

No redundant stickers! It's important to stay firm on one's artistic principles when plastering one's entire car with bumper stickers.

Cassette Tape Collection with Carrying Case
The Best of Vince Gill
Sing Your Favorite Christmas Songs
Carpenters Yesterday Once More
Conway Twitty Mr. T
The Magic of Abba
Johnny Paycheck's Greatest Hits
Set of 4: Weight Loss Subliminal Tapes [link]

I swear I didn't make this list up. Such a horrific collection of audio recordings couldn't spring from even my morbid mind. It is in the "Free Stuff" section, so we can at least applaud their decency in not expecting someone to pay for this.

I'll pay you to help me get even Looking for a girl between 18 and 25 years old to help me get even with my ex. Helps if you're attractive..nothing sexual at all. Or illegal. Pat is negotiable. If you're a guy, you may also help. Contact me [link]

I kind of want to know how this turns out. I'm guessing not well, but possibly hilarious to onlookers.

looking to rent a gf/wife want someone to clean and provide company.. [link]

Wait a second ... are these from the same guy?

Ninja training 10$ I own about 200 dvd and vhs martial art instruction videos. I am getting rid of. Some of what I own are also back up copies of vhs that I no longer have due to flood damage. I will let them go for $10.00 each. [link]

I can't help but feel the title is a little misleading. Unless all modern ninja pass along their secrets via DVD these days.

Special Lot Picture in frame of Jesus Christ-face on shroud size 21" x17",Ducks with border 18" x 24", Colorful clown puzzle in frame 21" x 17", unframed hand painted pictures of Emmett Kelly, Emmett Kelly Jr Calendar ( dtd 1990) These are rare two lg coloring books ( 17" x 22" ) Emmett Kelly & Red Skelton. Sold only as a lot, cash only.NOTE WITH PURCHASE GET A FREE BASEBALL CARD GAME. [link]

So if you've been planning to redecorate your living room in a new country ducks/Shroud of Turin/terrifying clowns theme, man, are you in luck. Plus a FREE BASEBALL CARD GAME! I bet if you ask nicely they'll even throw in a piece of chewing gum.

Want to relive past Columbus Craigslist memories? They're all here.



Frisby · 19 November, 12:14 AM · #

I cannot convey the disappointment I feel knowing that “Conway Twitty Mr. T” is not a duet album.

Jen · 19 November, 07:08 AM · #

Ha, that didn’t even occur to me! What a tragic lost opportunity.

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