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ZOOM Family Film Festival

zoom family film festival

There's a lot to recommend the ZOOM Family Film Festival this weekend, December 3-6, at the Wexner Center, and the fact that you're encouraged to show up Saturday morning in your pajamas for cartoons and cereal is the least of it. Well, you're encouraged if you're a kid. If you're not, you can still show up thus uniformed, but the results might not be as cute.

Another big plus is the Ohio premiere of A Town Called Panic, the first stop-motion animated feature to be screened at Cannes. Delightfully surreal seems to be the best way to describe it. I hear it involves a killer robot penguin, which means I'm automatically in.

Also - remember when those kids decided to remake, shot for shot, Raiders of the Lost Ark in their backyard? And, seven years later, they finished it? Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation is that film. Introduced with a live Q&A session by the filmmakers.

In addition, there's a screening of Jean Cocteau's gorgeous, classic Beauty and the Beast and the Ohio premiere of What's on Your Plate?, a documentary on understanding food production driven by the curiosity of two 11-year-old girls.

I particularly like this festival because it emphasizes the fact that kids' entertainment shouldn't be limited to predictable half-hour television programming or condescendingly simple and silly animated features. Good children's films should be films that adults enjoy and value, too, for the sake of both children and adults.



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