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Deliberatepixel / Housekeeping



I'm much better at internet housekeeping than real housekeeping. It's been a little while since I touched base about what I've done site-wise lately, and especially since I think there's quite a few new readers lately, it seemed time for a bit of a updating. In no particular order, here are a variety of things that seem worth mentioning:

  • I recently made some style tweaks to the website and fixed the search function (although I doubt anyone knew it was broken).
  • I started importing the Deliberatepixel Tumblr to the main site at Tumblings. I also added the DP Tumblr RSS feed to the list of links on the right.
  • This isn't new, but, in the interest of public service - both the blog content and the Tumblr content feeds into the Deliberatepixel Twitter. I also threw in my Good Reads "Currently Reading" feed. Because I can.
  • Also not new, but both the blog and Tumblr also feeds into the Deliberatepixel Facebook fan page. Which you should totally become a fan of so I can get enough fans to get a custom URL. It's not important at all, and yet I want to do that.
  • I added a Deliberatepixel logo t-shirt to the store. Because hundreds - hundreds! - have been clamoring for that.

There are some new projects in the works, and I will also be making some guest appearances on a couple of podcasts in the near future, as well as becoming a regular and/or host on a couple more. For the latest on that and other projects, you should probably follow me on Twitter.



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