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Housekeeping, Remodeling and Rebuilding


I decided recently that–which is six years old in total and has been wearing its current skin for almost two years now–was in need of a drastic redesign. After thinking about it for a little while, I quickly realized the redesign is going to have to be even more drastic than I had originally planned.

The truth is, my focus and interests are shifting right now. This is a good thing. My life has stabilized to the point that I have the luxury to spare thought for things like focus and interest, and work to sharpen them both. Also, I have the luxury to pay attention to the way I’ve already naturally started to change my path. For example, for some time now, my blog posts have been increasing in length and complexity, essentially becoming not so much blog posts as much as full-fledged essays. I’ve also begun to compile more thoughts on design- and technology-related topics and have no proper place to put them.

So, soon, I’ll be archiving this current blog and website content and starting from scratch. Well, almost. I’ll be developing a new format that has dedicated sections for my web design and for my writing, and the latter will retain some of my best pieces of old as well as new long-form essays. I’m repurposing my main blog for web design and development and very closely related culture thoughts.

In addition to this, I’m preparing the best of my past blog for a self-published print book that I’ll release as the same time as the new site version.

This is my way of formalizing the silence that has been creeping up here lately and will now become the norm while I work on the next iteration. However, I’ll still be posting regularly at the Deliberatepixel Tumblr and my Twitter feed. For all the links I share on Delicious or Twitter, hit my page. If you want to know exactly when I'm back, baby, subscribing to either the RSS feed or the Deliberatepixel Twitter feed is probably the way to go.

See you back here in a couple of months.



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