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Jen Myers, millionaire playgirl

I'm a web designer and writer living in Columbus, Ohio with my daughter Elizabeth. I currently work as the Web and Interactive Coordinator at the Wexner Center for the Arts.

I blog regularly about skepticism at Skepchick. I'm also the lead organizer of Central Ohioans for Rational Inquiry, a skeptic organization based in Columbus that promotes critical thinking and science education.

I like movies, computers and being sarcastic.

For more details about my web design and writing work, visit

Website has been online in some form since March 2005 and has been wearing its current skin, v5, since June 2009.

While the blog is reserved for longer writing pieces, there is a steady feed of photos, videos, quotes and other hand-picked items of interest at the Deliberatepixel Tumblr. Both the blog and Tumblr feeds are published together at the Deliberatepixel Twitter and Facebook pages.


Profile photo by BlackPixel.