You didn't ask for it. And now it's here. Deliberatepixel Offline 2009–2011. A collection of the best stuff from
Deliberatepixel book pages and cover

About the book

Since 2005, I've been writing stuff at my website, Most of the early posts are lost to history, which is probably a good thing. But over the past couple of years, I've written a few pieces of which I'm quite fond. So I made them into a book.

It includes ten pieces published on the site between 2009 and 2011, as well as one from Deliberatepixel's little Tumblr sister, covering topics from books to film to feminism to geek culture.

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Deliberatepixel Offline is available to purchase via You can choose one of two flavors:

Connect the book is currently undergoing a redesign and will relaunch soon with a focus on design, development and industry articles. (There will also be a place for art and culture essays, never fear.) You can wait for the next print edition if you want, but if you'd rather not wait another couple of years, you can read them as I publish them at the site.

Deliberatepixel is currently undergoing an even more drastic redesign than previously anticipated. Your best bet now is to follow Jen on Twitter or Tumblr for the latest news.