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Pushin' Daisies


Now is a good a time as any to re-mention one of my favorite online stores: Pushin' Daisies, a mortuary novelty shop. The Dozen Dead Roses are a classic, and the new Dead Body Towel looks like something I want for next summer. They don't seem to have quite as many Dia de Los Muertos items as they used to (one of my favorite sets of imagery), but this mug is cool.

Oh, and they have Chocolate Brains. Seriously, I love this site.

We're Excited about Your Vagina Ring

Sorry. I couldn't resist using that title. Well, I probably could, but I bet using it will bring a whole new wonderful era of funny search keyword hits to my stats.

A Handy Guide for Being the Worst Computer User Ever

From your friendly support technician.

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Intro to Marketing

As you may have heard, Woolworth's pulled from their stores a bed designed for young girls called Lolita. They said they didn't know the term referred to the literary character of the same name, who was the subject of her stepfather's lust. crooked house suggests some other products they might want to look into selling, including a Medea line of maternity wear and Lady Macbeth gloves.

My Favorite Headline of the Week

"Heidi Fleiss to Open Eco-brothel for Women".

Progress! It's a wonderful (and sometimes unintentionally humorous) thing.

Pretend To Be a Time Traveler Day

Pretend To Be a Time Traveler Day:

You must spend the entire day in costume and character. The only rule is that you cannot actually tell anyone that you are a time traveler. Other than that, anything’s game.

I hope some real time travelers use this as an opportunity to visit our time unnoticed. If anyone from the future needs a place to crash, let me know.

Five Hot Fictional Characters

Speaking of Marlowe, he got edged out of LitKicks' Five Hot Fictional Characters by other hardboiled literary detective Sam Spade. Sorry, Marlowe's still my top pick.

Well, It's About Time

Man finally put in charge of struggling feminist movement.

Hats, People. Hats.

Over at Rifftrax, Michael J. Nelson now has a proper blog. He promises that hats are to be featured frequently.

The Oppression of Star Trek Fans

As you may have noticed, on the sidebar of my site is a badge from Amnesty International's Irrepressible campaign, which fights censorship worldwide. With each refresh, it displays a new quote from a censored piece of writing. Most of them, expectedly, refer to severe crises of censorship and violation of human rights.

However, there's one quote that keeps popping up that has me mystified:

Star Trek fans are being offered a [sic] "once in a lifetime" opportunity to buy models, props and sets from the show

Who censored this? Why does Amnesty International have to take up the cause of oppressed Star Trek fans who possibly were once denied the opportunity to buy costly bits of memorabilia? I'm very confused.

T-Rexes Eating Coconuts

John Scalzi goes to the Creation Museum. Hilarity, naturally, ensues.

If Taglines Were Honest

Via Swissmiss, I discovered a very funny blog by a writer who also happens to post adorable baby pictures. And this - if taglines were honest:

Ikea: One day you’ll be able to afford real furniture.

Hummer: Get the attention you’ve always craved. While filling up the gas tank again.

PopTarts: Until you realize how disgusting they are, we’ll keep making them.

The 'Worst' of SciFi

Oh my. From Smart Bitches, the funniest thing I've seen all week: Top Worst Lines in SciFi Erotica.

It starts with: "She shivered as he ran his eyes over her. She was almost sorry when he retracted them back into his skull." - and pretty much goes downhill from there.

There's also a few other lists, such as the Top Cases on SciFi CourtTV, which includes: "Death Star v. R2D2: Socket-based sexual assault."

I'm an Op-Ed Columnist (And So Can You!)

Might I suggest you start your morning with Stephen Colbert's guest column via Maureen Dowd's column in the NY Times?

Star Wars Viewing Order

Kottke raised a very important question Friday for geek parents: in which order will you show your child the Star Wars movies? I've actually considered this at great length already. There are a lot of movies, books, and music important to me that I look forward to introducing to my daughter as she grows older, but Star Wars requires a game plan. For example, I intend to show her the episodes in original release order. Not only because the "first" episodes are barely watchable in the first place, but because whatever draw they do have is entirely based on their connections to the originals. However, I'm not going to split hairs about original versions vs. remastered versions. Some of the additions are pretty cool, and, sadly, my own cassettes have been lost to time.

I will, though, take pains to explain that in the real Star Wars, Han shoots first.

Is America Ready for a Woman President?

Priceless. I only wish they could have expanded it.

It's a question that deserves a good parody. I wonder if any of these women have anything to say about it?