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  • "Her movie is called 'the most disgusting film of the year' before it's even made and she becomes the brunt of anti-violence outrage and feminist fury. Then she premieres the film at Sundance ('the most anticipated film ever,' introduces Geoffrey Gilmore) and afterwards gets lambasted by the critics. Then she submits the film to the MPAA, gets smacked with an 'NC17' rating and is forced to cut down a sex scene to garner an 'R.' And on top of all of that, she's pregnant." From 2000, director Mary Harron on the premiere of American Psycho.
  • 10 best movies of the 90s by Martin Scorsese.
  • A look at the 1960 film Strangers When We Meet, a melodrama about adultery starring Kirk Douglas and Kim Novak. This isn't a great film, but I've always found it interesting, and examining it within the context of Mad Men, as this essay does, is even more so. Oh, and the mid-century interiors and exteriors are great.
  • Feminist books for 5-year-olds. I love Princess Smartypants.
  • The 10 best long tracking shots ever filmed.
  • "I talk to people about how you can't ignore Christmas. You can love it, you can hate it, but you can't ignore it. I love it without irony, but I understand why some people hate it. It's a financial burden, it's an emotional burden, it's a decorating burden. But it's a happy time for criminals and a happy time for people who are attracted to elderly men who are overweight and wear velvet. It's a time for perversion." It's always worth reading another John Waters interview. Always.
  • Craftsmanship without the man - changing the language for female programmers.
  • From Geek Feminism: questioning the merit of meritocracy.
  • The best bad movies of the ’00s.

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  • Kevin Kelly suggests that borrowing is better than owning.
  • FourthWaveFeminism looks at boy-fronted girl bands.
  • Documentary filmmaker Louis Abelman compares Twitter to cinema vérité.
  • Some interesting news about the forthcoming John Carter Mars movies I didn't know: I thought they were going to be animated Pixar films, and here director Andrew Stanton says they will in fact be live-action, released by Disney. Still looking forward to them.
  • The fanboys feel a little weird about the new Star Trek Barbie dolls.
  • Spout's Lauren Wissot counts down 5 sex scene golden girls.
  • The best of 2008 from the Green Man Review.
  • At first I thought this was a humorous mockup of a page selling a fake book about Pride and Prejudice plus zombies. However, it appears to be a real book. It's funny, but I think the joke would wear a little thin over an entire novel. But they should totally turn it into a movie. Zombie Colin Firth!

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The Weekly Special Catch-up Extravaganza

A new design is in the works, along with a return to more regular and extensive blogging. Just so you know.

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  • I love Tilda Swinton for many reasons, and the fact that she just founded a film festival that charges baked goods as admission and asks guests to sit on beanbags during the films is just one more reason to add to the list.
  • Retro Wall-E Prints - I missed a small chunk of this movie due to a certain toddler jumping from seat to seat, but what I saw was magnificent.
  • Jane Austen and Boredom - Just to clarify, this is a paper about boredom in the works of Austen, not possible boredom caused by Austen's novels. Also to clarify, I am not bored by Austen in the slightest, but I would like to distance myself from the type of Austen fan that generally sees no farther than Colin Firth.
  • Ten Best Neo-Noir Films, from AMC.
  • Pamie's 'Open Letter to My Cat' - "Are we currently starring in some kind of romantic comedy together?"
  • Drive-In Movies: A Primer. From GreenCine.

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  • Is designing better on a Mac or PC? Designers, for a good reason, usually gravitate towards pretty Macs. But, in the end, it's just a tool, and it only works as well as you make it work. If a PC suits you, run with it. (Via David Airey.)
  • Why dyslexics are good computer programmers. I'm not dyslexic (or a good computer programmer - maybe there's a connection?), but as someone interested in both language and computers, this is fascinating.
  • A group of leading skeptics are putting together a TV pilot a la Mythbusters: The Skeptologists!
  • Girl Power? A retrospective, feminist look at the Spice Girls.
  • Since I mentioned Kim Peirce's new Iraq War film Stop/Loss, here's the Women and Hollywood blog's take on it. (Word on the internets is that the film's not that great.)
  • A statistical analysis of Star Trek red-shirt deaths. This might be the geekiest thing I've ever seen. And that covers a lot of ground.

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  • Girls and Legos - The CEO of Lego claims girls aren't into Legos as much as boys because boys are "genetically" predisposed to building things. Does that mean all those hours I spent building intricate Lego worlds (seriously, I did it well into high school, and they were awesome) marks me as genetically aberrant?
  • New Book from Jack Kerouac - This is unnecessary. I will always have a sincere, romantic fixation on his work, but there has been so much of his stream-of-consciousness crap published since his death that I have a hard time believing this book will be at all worthwhile, even with Burroughs's contributions.
  • NASA Needs To Be Cooler - Very well put. Part of modernizing their image needs to be encouraging more participation from women and minorities (get Uhura back on the job!). It makes me sad that such an exiting field is losing its luster.
  • The Man She Forgot to Google! - Priceless.
  • Oh, and In Case You Missed It ... - Neil Gaiman is now offering a free digital copy of his novel American Gods, a very great book, and it has also opened up some good discussions about free digital content on his blog.
  • And in Related News ... - Trent Reznor released his new album with various download options, including some free, and made $750k in less than a week. Anyone from the record industry listening?