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Deliberatepixel v5

I finally got tired of working on a new site design, so we're calling this version 5. If you're getting this via RSS, you might want to hop over to the site and check it out. There will be a couple more tweaks over the next day or so, but that's all. Not much has changed content-wise, although I plan to, you know, actually write more now that the redesign is done. As always, comments and suggestions (on the design, as well as possible future posts) welcome.

One of Those Annoying Sorry-I-Haven't-Been-Blogging-But-I-Will-Soon Messages

Seriously, I will. I promise. Next week Little One and her daddy are house-sitting in the country and I have to stay in town to work, so I'll have a little more free time to write. And watch movies. And keep the house clean for more than ten minutes at a time. I can't believe that's all I really want out of life right now, but so it is.

Hey! Here's a video! It's funny!

(Video via SoCalDevGal.)

Poll Results and the Secret Rainbow Conspiracy

Okay, so the results of the What Should I Write about Next poll were fairly evenly distributed, which doesn't really help me out much at all. Way to go, guys.

In all honesty, though, even results seems to point to the fact that I should just return to writing about all of the same stuff I used to. Apparently it's not the topic I should worry about as much as the writing. And since there was a slight lead for a new feminist screed with a tech angle (which is really what I do best around here), that's what I'll focus on first.

I have a pretty good idea that the one who responded "Other" and then elaborated that I should write about the dangers of and a possible solution to rainbows is a Skepchick reader and, in which case, I'm sure has seen the infamous rainbow video. If by chance you haven't, here you go.

Reader Poll - What Should I Write about?

As you may have noticed, I haven't really written anything here lately. I never intended to make this primarily a link blog, but between family, work, and my other web stuff, I haven't taken the time to write at length about anything. Plus, I haven't really run across anything that I feel I have to write about.

So, I ask my dear readers' help. I set up a poll so you can vote on a new post topic. You can ever suggest a brand new topic. Or just click on radio buttons because it's fun. In any case, I get a writing direction handed to me, which is all I'm looking for here.

Making Connections

The visitor and subscriber count has been steadily rising around here, so I thought I'd take a moment and point out to anyone new all of the various ways you can invite me to periodically bother you online:

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Personal Update Update

Thanks to everyone for all the good wishes. While my mother's medical situation is ongoing, it's going as well as it can be, and so I'm slowly getting back into a routine. All I can say is, despite the extra stress and busy-ness and driving back and forth over half the state of Ohio, I'm lucky enough to have one tough lady of a mother, another inspiring young woman of a sister, a healthy and happy immediate family, and an amazing network of both online and offline friends.

I don't know how regular blogging will be for a couple of weeks, but I'll be jumping in again here and there. I'll also be back blogging as usual at Skepchick starting Wednesday.

Personal Update

I'm putting the blog on hold for the time being. My mother is hospitalized with a serious condition, and that's where my energy is going right now. Hope everyone hangs around until I can make it back.

Any Ladies Want To Be a Part of a New Podcast?

I'm looking for a couple of tech-minded women who are interested in getting a new podcast about women in tech off of the ground. I would particularly like to talk to women who want to help host and discuss, but, especially because I'm a beginning podcaster, I'd also love to hear from those who want to help in other ways. Email me, or leave a comment.

Our New Facebook Page

DeliberatePixel now has a Facebook page. If you're into that sort of thing, become a fan.