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Benefit for Columbus's Rachel Widomski

On May 15, in the Short North arts district of Columbus, Julie Liu, co-owner of Haiku restaurant, and Rachel Widomski, a bartender at Haiku, were purposely hit and injured by the car of a Haiku patron who had run out on his check. Rachel's injuries are expected to leave her paralyzed for life. In response, the Short North has gathered together to raise money for her hospitalization and recovery. Visit for how you can donate, and for news about fund-raising events.

Second Annual DP Child's Play Charity Drive

CPCSince I don't always have a ton of extra money to donate over the holidays, and I know many others are in the same boat, last year I held a small-scale online charity drive to collect money to buy items for children in Akron Children's Hospital via Child's Play Charity. I'm holding another this year.

It's a pretty simple set-up: Child's Play has already arranged for each hospital, including Akron, to create a wishlist for desired items on Amazon. You can buy items though Amazon and the items will be shipped directly to the hospital. My goal in banding a group of us together is that we can together buy some of the more expensive items for the children that we couldn't as individuals.

There's a PayPal donation button at the page, along with instructions for other donation methods, and a running total of how much we've collected. I'll also soon set up a poll so those who donate can vote on which items from the wishlist we buy. I've also created a Facebook group to help spread the word. Please check it out and pitch in if you're interested at

Adrienne Shelley Foundation Auction

I've gushed enthusiastically about the Adrienne Shelley Foundation before, but now, a year after the wonderful director/actor was murdered, it's time to mention it again. The foundation set up in her name, which provides scholarships, grants, and living stipends to female filmmakers, is holding a charity auction. One hundred perfect of the proceeds go to the foundation, and there are some pretty awesome items up for grabs, such as VIP passes show tapings, lunches with various stars, and signed memorabilia. So if you have some cash on hand, check it out starting November 12. And if you buy me a lunch with Paul Rudd, I will love you forever.

Counter Ann Coulter

On September 6, Ann Coulter will be speaking at Cincinnatti's Xavier University. To welcome her, various Ohio human rights groups are banding together to raise money that will be presented to Xavier student groups of the kind that Coulter speaks against, including their Gay-Straight Alliance and Amnesty International. And Ann will receive a thank-you card with all the donors' names. If you'd like to add your name to the list, hop on over to Counter Ann Coulter and donate $5.