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Top Ten Films I Saw in 2008


This is not exactly the type of list you might think it is. Most people, when writing about their top films of a certain year, reasonably confine themselves to writing about films that actually premiered in that year. But I possess a noisy, squirmy toddler, which makes theater-going almost impossible on a regular basis, and limits my film watching to not-quite-new films. So, here's a random list of the best movies I managed to see in 2008.

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Better Late than Never

Just because we're almost done with 2007 doesn't mean that Roger Ebert still can't unleash his best movies of 2006 list. Since I rarely get to see new movies until months after their releases, I'm completely on board with this.

The Must-See Movies List

I like this list from Ironic Sans because it's not a list of movies based on merit, which is an incredibly arbitrary and unreliable way to list movies anyway. Instead, this list is about movies that have contributed to either our film history or popular culture. For that reason alone, it's probably a good idea to take a look at them.

This is also a veritable piece of internet history, complied from usenet user suggestions back in 1994 - so it's obviously missing some more recent worthwhile films. If I am so inclined over the next week or so, I might sit down and put together an appendix of my own suggested additions.

For the record - I only scored 109. Now that winter's coming and I won't be outside as much, it's probably about time to raise my Greencine rental plan and start catching up.