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Maybe it's just my inner rabid fantasy fan and Neil Gaiman acolyte, but, even though the critics had prepared me to dismiss Stardust as a less-than-worthwhile film, I really liked it. I didn't expect to. I expected to like it in spite of itself, but feel a bit ashamed about it. Not so. I think it was a perfectly respectable fantasy film, a decent interpretation of the novel, and a lot of fun. I even liked Claire Danes! A lot! And deNiro's foppery (I don't think I'll ever get another occasion to use that word in the blog, so I'm going for it now) didn't annoy me as much I was told it would.

I'm honestly perplexed that this wasn't more popular. Is it just my personal inclinations showing, or did anyone else really like this?

Coraline Teaser

After the trailer for the upcoming 3-D movie version of Neil Gaiman's Coraline, one of my favorite books, was leaked to the internet, the studio went ahead and released their own, higher-quality one. I have some trepidation about seeing a book I love through another's perspective, which I generally have with all movies adapted from books - but, beyond that, I'm excited to see this.