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Columbus, O


Photographer Andrew Baasch sent in this lovely stop motion short film of Columbus at night. Check it out.

Photoshop for Real


Photoshop for Real. (Via Next Nature.)

Punk Pioneers

The BUST blog points out this pretty rad collection of punk photography from Jenny Lens called Punk Pioneers. Best part is that it pays good attention to the women of punk, who sometimes get lost in the shuffle of punk history.

Swing on by to Jenny Lens's fantastic online photo archive and check out her work - you can also buy prints of your favorites.

Celebrating Old Movie Houses

old movie house

A collection of photos of and links to sites about classic movie theaters.

My Plan Is Working Perfectly ...

mac girl

I'm too busy to post an actual article right now, so here's my daughter trying to bring up her They Might Be Giants video podcasts on my notebook. I think there plenty of evidence in that last sentence to prove I'm successfully raising a major girl geek.

Documenting America

The new Library of Congress Flickr page everyone's talking about is in fact incredible. And if you love looking at historical photographs of everyday Americans, the Library of Congress also maintains a massive database of photographs taken under the name of the Farm Security Administration, the New Deal agency that chronicled the effects of the Depression. Some of the later LoC Flickr photos are originally from this collection, which features legendary photographers like Man Ray and Walker Evans. My favorites? The vintage sideshow images.

Future City, Illinois

I think it'd be pretty cool to live in a Future City. But probably not this one.