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Pulp Titles

I just realized one of my old personal websites from my college days is still online, which is probably something to do with my contacts in the IT department who made my .edu account permanent. I'm not telling you where it is - it's not that exciting (and it features much usage of CSS font styles, before I had learned That Is Not To Be Done). It does contain, however, an old list I'd made of my favorite story titles from vintage pulp magazines, most of them from the Pulp Gallery. Because I still find them amusing, here they are:

  • Take This Corpse for Example
  • Death Is a Blonde or a Saboteur
  • The Corpse Came C.O.D.
  • The Mummy Pack Prowls Again
  • Flesh for the Swamp Men
  • Red-headed Slaymate
  • Roadhouse on the Styx
  • Shake Well before Dying
  • I'll Be Slaying You
  • Your Corpses Are Showing
  • Murder by the Carton
  • Swing Low, Sweet Casket
  • Murder in One Syllable
  • Pardon My Poison Platters
  • Slay as You Go

The History of Pulp

So much for regular blogging schedule. Sickness intervened. Better now!

Anyway, here's a min-doc about the history of pulp magazines, notable for its many gorgeous cover images: