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America is Graphically F*cked

Via Design Observer, a video I had to pass along: designer Aaron Draplin tells a tale of design unappreciation:

America Is F*cked.......(Graphically at least) from Jess Gibson on Vimeo.

Isn't that original sign delicious? If you'd like to browse some other great examples of mid-century motel signage, Lileks has the goods. I go through this gallery again every few months for new additions. Happily, many of these are still in use.



I was already going to post about What Would Don Draper Do?, but then I came across What Would Joan Holloway Do? - which, I have to say, appeals to me more, because I've wanted to have a Joan around to tell me what I should do ever since Mad Men first started.

Today's Inspiration

Retro Wheaties Ad

The Today's Inspiration blog is a treasure trove of mid-century illustration and advertising. Last week's post, ... And Girls Will Be Girls quotes from a 1952 article that dictates what it takes to interest women in your advertising. Household scenes, food, flowers, and jewelry feature heavily. Wonder what's changed since then?

More Retro Futurism

Want some more futuristic urban landscapes designed from the past? Your wish is granted with this collection of work from illustrator Hugh Ferriss. (Via io9.)

Retro Future: Glorious Urbanism

Retro Future Urbanism

From Dark Roasted Blend.

Retro Illustration

Retro Decor

In case you're, like me, missing your regular dose of inspired mid-century decor and design via Mad Men (second season NOW, please), try this gallery of vintage illustration from Plan 59.