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So, it's been much quieter around here than usual, and that's because I've been working on a new design for the site for what seems like forever. But, finally, it's in place.

Since I've recently gained more power over Textpattern, I've streamlined a lot of DP's regular workings. You won't notice this in the feed, but the Weekly posts, while still published as a list on Fridays, are now displayed not with the main articles, but as a list in their own sidebar. They have their own feed, but are still included in the main feed.

Plus, I've also, finally, established clean urls (which means actual post titles in permanent links instead of cryptic numbers), and cleaned up the archive. I like the way my tag system is working, so I cut out a couple of categories I don't use often and re-categorized with tags instead. Categories still exist, but mostly only as a way to divide content up into different feeds (by the way, you can find all the different feeds on the archive page).

In another by the way, I'm considering adapting this design to release as Textpattern and WordPress themes, so if you happen to have an opinion on that, feel free to chime in with your yay or nay.

There's links to my most recent posts at Skepchick and DollyMix over on the side there, and I've refreshed both my daughter's photo blog and what passes as my design portfolio.

AND (I feel like a TV infomercial - "wait, there's more!") you will notice that the projects page is rather blank at the moment, because those are still forthcoming. But they'll be here soon. Like maybe even tomorrow. Or not. But sometime.